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Often people associate an appeal to lawyers and attorneys with something complicated, connected with troubles and unreasonably expensive, so many people postpone the visit until the very last moment, when, as they say, “smelt fried”, and their own attempts to solve the problem are only possible. aggravated the situation.

   Lawyers are not wizards, of course, but by virtue of their profession, acquired experience and knowledge of legislation and law enforcement practice, they are able to provide information, identify risks, explain possible alternatives to actions and their legal consequences. Therefore, consulting a lawyer before committing any legally significant actions will significantly increase the chances of success and will allow you to avoid adverse results.

   Lawyers of Rosmedian Law provide high-quality professional legal assistance to individuals and legal entities, based on a comprehensive knowledge of Spanish law and international law.

   Importantly, our lawyers provide services in Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish and English, so you can entrust your question directly to a specialist, without the need for translators or intermediaries.

   Depending on the complexity of the legal situation, lawyers and attorneys of our bureau are ready to offer full legal support to their principals: from simple advice to the achievement of the most favorable result in court proceedings.

   A constant reference point of our activity is the achievement of the best result for ensuring the interests and needs of our clients based on complete confidentiality and trust.

   On the pages of this site you can find the main list of services provided by our lawyers and lawyers, contact us for more information.