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In each of our lives, situations arise that in one way or another require the right, from a legal point of view, actions and answers, especially when it comes to living in a foreign country.

   How to apply for a residence permit in Spain? How to legally and safely secure a transaction of sale of real estate? How to conclude a lease on favorable terms? How to evict tenants — defaulters? How to enter the inheritance? How to resolve family disputes? How to defend their legal rights in a contractual relationship or in disputes with neighbors? How to collect a debt? How…?

   Legal assistance provided on time is often the key to successfully resolving these and many other legal situations that we face in everyday life. It is often enough to get advice from a professional lawyer, and sometimes a competent and convincing evidence-based process is required.

   Law Firm Rosmedian-Law provides a wide range of legal services to individuals, offering effective solutions to the tasks. Our specialists are well aware of the nuances of current civil, civil procedure, immigration, administrative, and commercial legislation of Spain and have sufficient experience in judicial practice, therefore, they are ready to render the following legal services in a high-quality and professional manner:

✓ Consultation and full legal support in the process of obtaining a residence permit in Spain;

✓ Support of real estate transactions and construction process, real estate management, rental relations. Disputes in real estate transactions, disputes with the developer;

✓ Planning and optimization of tax liabilities of individuals: residents and non-residents of Spain;

✓ Counseling on family law issues, representing the interests of the principal in family disputes;

✓ Registration of the entry into the inheritance, challenging the inheritance;

✓ Comprehensive legal support of investment projects;

✓ Negotiating, drafting and legal examination of contracts of any complexity in accordance with the laws of Spain and international law.

✓ Support in disputes under contracts, debt collection;

✓ Housing law advice;

✓ Consultations and representation of interests in resolving administrative and judicial administrative disputes;

✓ Consumer protection;

✓ Advising on insurance disputes. Appeal against the refusal of insurance payments or their unreasonable understatement;

✓ Support of enforcement proceedings.

* The following list lists the most popular categories of legal situations and disputes that may arise in everyday life, but the practice of our bureau is much wider.

   If your situation is different from the above, contact us for more complete information about the services provided and we will try to offer the most effective solution specifically for your question.