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It is no secret that starting a business from scratch is no easy task. Starting a business in a foreign country is even more challenging. Sound planning and a comprehensive understanding of the overall development of the business project in accordance with the country’s legislation can significantly reduce risks.

Which organizational and legal form should be chosen for a new company? Is it advantageous to be a sole proprietor in Spain? What are the pros and cons of buying an existing business? Are there any pitfalls when entering into strategic partnerships (joint ventures) or acquiring a franchise?

Just like a living organism, every existing business faces tasks at any stage of its development that require prompt and efficient solutions.

The lawyers at our firm provide qualified legal assistance based on a comprehensive approach to resolving legal situations, offering optimal solutions tailored to the needs of our clients’ businesses.

Our team provides comprehensive legal support for businesses at all stages of their development, from the legal assessment of business prospects to the proper liquidation of the company.

We strive to facilitate the extrajudicial settlement of disputes, but we are always ready to defend the interests of our clients at all stages of the legal process in Spanish courts.

The main areas of our firm’s activities are:

  • Legal support for the establishment and registration of legal entities in Spain, consulting on the creation and operation of non-profit organizations.
  • Corporate practice, corporate conflicts.
  • Tax planning and optimization for legal entities.
  • Accounting and HR services for companies and sole proprietors.
  • Legal support for ongoing business activities of companies.
  • Negotiation, drafting, and legal expertise of contracts of any complexity in accordance with Spanish legislation and international law. Contract disputes. Debt recovery.
  • Due diligence of legal transactions.
  • Legal support for enterprise reorganizations: mergers and acquisitions (M&A).
  • Comprehensive legal support for investment projects.
  • Real estate transactions and construction, property management.
  • Legal advice on registration and protection of intellectual property for legal entities.
  • Legal support for bankruptcy proceedings of organizations, director’s joint liability.
  • Compliance, adherence to laws, standards, and rules for preventing crimes. Criminal liability of legal entities in Spain (Compliance).

The provided list includes the most popular categories of legal situations and disputes that may arise in the course of business activities, but our firm’s practice extends beyond that. If your situation differs from the ones listed above, please contact our specialists for more information about the services we provide.