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Information about the site owner

In accordance with the provisions of article 10 of Law 34/2002 of July 11 on information society and e-commerce services, the following information is provided:


Address: Avda. Condomina, 75, 17, 03540, Alicante

INN: B-54355607

Registration in the Commercial Register: The Commercial Register Of Alicante, Volume 3305, Sheet A-113233, Page 216.

Contact information: (+34) 966445566


Terms of use of the site:


These Terms of Use govern the access, navigation and use of the website « /» (hereinafter referred to as the «Site»), as well as obligations arising from the use of its content (meaning by «content» texts, graphics, drawings, projects, codes, software, photographs, music, videos, sounds, databases data, images, expressions and information, as well as any other works protected by national laws and international treaties on intellectual and industrial property).

«User» means a person who accesses, views or uses services and activities, paid or free, developed and offered on the Site.

Access or simple use of the Site implies the User’s consent and acceptance of these Terms and their possible changes from the moment of their publication, as well as the obligation to comply with them. The User is recommended to follow the updates of these Terms and Conditions.

These Terms of Use are not intended to regulate any contractual aspects related to the provision of ROSMEDIAN’s services, but are limited to the fact that they are the legal basis for the use and access to the Site.

ROSMEDIAN may establish Special Conditions governing the use and access to hiring of specific services offered to Users on the Site. Before using and/or purchasing these specific services provided by ROSMEDIAN, the User should carefully read the relevant Special Conditions.


Users’ access to the Site is provided on a free and free basis.

Notwithstanding the above, it should be taken into account that the use or provision of certain services offered by ROSMEDIAN may be subject to the preliminary conclusion of an agreement setting out the corresponding Private Terms, which must be accepted and signed by the User. In any case, the provision of legal and/or other services provided by ROSMEDIAN will be governed by the relevant agreement directly with each client.

The User is responsible for accessing, navigating and using the Site, therefore he undertakes to strictly comply with any additional instructions provided by ROSMEDIAN regarding the use of the Site and its content.

In particular, the User undertakes:

Do not use the Site and its content for purposes prohibited by law and contrary to morality, generally accepted norms or public order;
Not to reproduce, not to copy, not to distribute, not to allow public access through any form of public communication, not to transform or change the content of the Site, without the appropriate permission of the Site owner and when it is not permitted by law;
Not to use the content and, in particular, the information obtained through the Site for advertising purposes;
Not to provide any personal information or information about the use and access to the Site that is false or was obtained illegally.

ROSMEDIAN is the copyright holder of all intellectual and industrial property rights to the Site, including the domain name and all content available and contained on the Site. Simple access or navigation on the Site does not imply the transfer of rights to the User in any form: through licensing, full or partial transfer of these rights by ROSMEDIAN in favor of the User, and also does not authorize the User to use or exercise these rights publicly.

It is completely prohibited to delete or manipulate any data related to identification or recognition, as well as the protected content of the Site, which are objects of the exclusive property rights of ROSMEDIAN.

In addition, it is strictly prohibited to reproduce, distribute, publicly report, reuse, extract, mail, modify or in any way publicly use in whole or in part the content of the Site.

If, when accessing or using the Site, the User sends or transmits to ROSMEDIAN any content protected by intellectual or industrial property rights, the User undertakes to pre-purchase all permissions, licenses or use rights necessary for such transfer, freeing ROSMEDIAN from any responsibility for the use of said content.

Any comments regarding possible violations of intellectual or industrial property rights, as well as in relation to any content of the Site, can be sent by the User by e-mail: .


ROSMEDIAN manages the Site properly and always strives to maintain complete and accurate information about all the services it offers, constantly updating the content of the Site. Despite the above, it is possible that sometimes there may be some differences between the information offered on this Site and the reality of the contractual services actually provided. For this reason, the User is invited to visit the Site regularly and confirm the possible provision of contractual services offered by ROSMEDIAN, which will be provided, in any case, in accordance with private Contractual Terms.

ROSMEDIAN regularly takes appropriate measures in accordance with the current level of technology to ensure the proper functioning of the Site and prevent the appearance of viruses or computer programs that may harm Users.

However, computer security is not infallible and is exposed to certain risks as a result of the inevitable activities carried out by hackers and programmers of viruses or malware. Therefore, despite the fact that ROSMEDIAN makes every effort to avoid such programs and constantly updates the security of its systems, ROSMEDIAN cannot guarantee and is not responsible for the damage caused to the User as a result:

— Failures or interruptions in the operation of the Site;

— Viruses, computer programs or any elements aimed at carrying out cyber attacks or penetration into the User’s computer systems, which may have been accidentally installed on them, due to or as a result of the User’s access to the Site;

— Possible vulnerability of the Site and the security measures taken on the Site.


On the Site, the User can find links to other Sites operated by third parties. ROSMEDIAN does not have the authority to control all information or content provided by other websites, therefore it does not bear any responsibility for their quality and security, as well as for the reliability or adequacy of the content offered.

The establishment of any type of link by the Site to a third-party website does not imply any relationship, cooperation or dependence between ROSMEDIAN and the person responsible for the specified website.

6. Validity Period AND MODIFICATION

ROSMEDIAN may change these Terms at any time, in whole or in part, by publishing any change in the same manner as these Terms. Similarly, ROSMEDIAN may terminate, suspend or terminate access to the content of the Site at any time and without prior notice, without the possibility for the User to claim any compensation.


In the event of the announcement of the termination or cancellation of any of the provisions set forth in these Terms, such cancellation will not apply to the remaining provisions of this Agreement not affected by such measures.


These Terms and Conditions are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Spain.

All possible disputes between the User and ROSMEDIAN regarding the validity, interpretation or application of any of the provisions contained in these Terms, not settled by these Terms or by negotiation between the parties, are subject to judicial settlement in the courts of Alicante, Spain, in accordance with Spanish law.

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