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Investment Projects

The latest figures on the growth of foreign investment confirm the return of investor confidence in the Spanish economy. According to the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Spain, foreign investment in Spain reached 36 billion euros in 2017, which is the highest figure since 2008.

   Spanish legislation in the field of foreign investment is today one of the most modern. As a European state, Spain regulates investment relations on the basis of the principle of free movement of capital, which implies the abolition of the process of prior control of foreign investment, with the exception of special legal regimes provided for by sectoral legislation (State Defense, air transport, radio, television, etc. .).

   Spain actively participates in international agreements on the protection of foreign investments, as well as in bilateral agreements, including with Russia, on the promotion and mutual protection of investments and the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of tax evasion.

   Thanks to the partnership relations of our bureau, we are ready to offer for your consideration highly profitable investment projects: from small private investments to large collective investments in large development projects. In our database: commercial and residential real estate, business projects: start-ups or the acquisition of shares / shares of existing companies, new technologies, etc.

   Lawyers of our office provide legal support for the implementation of investment projects on the basis of complete confidentiality and trust.

   We offer:

✓ Consulting on the choice of a legal model for the implementation of an investment project;

✓ Risk assessment and tax impact analysis;

✓ Verification of the legal purity of the project and the investment object: Due Diligence *;

✓ Analysis of corporate structure, constituent and title documents of a target, audit of assets and liabilities of an enterprise;

✓ Residency permits for investors

✓ Legal support of actions for the implementation of the investment project;

✓ Obtaining necessary permits and licenses;

✓ Analysis of corporate structure, constituent and title documents of the target;

✓ Advice on opening a branch of a foreign enterprise in Spain;

* According to the results of the audit, our specialists provide a detailed conclusion describing the identified risks and violations on the analyzed object, with recommendations for their elimination or inclusion in the framework of the planned operation.

   If your question is different from the above, please contact our specialists for more complete information about the services provided.