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Judicial Practice

 Advocates and lawyers of the Bureau Rosmedian-Law have the necessary experience and successful business management for the protection of interests of clients in courts of Spain. Clients of our Bureau are both large construction, transport, trade and production companies, and individual entrepreneurs and individuals.

   Lawyers of the Bureau provide a full range of legal services at all stages of civil, commercial (arbitration) and administrative proceedings. Our task is not only to apply to the court and win the case, but also to achieve the most favorable resolution of the legal conflict , with minimal financial and time costs for our principal.

   Lawyers and attorneys of our Office have professional skills to achieve an out-of-court settlement of the dispute, but when a compromise with the opponent is not possible, the qualification and experience of lawyers, as well as knowledge of Spanish law, international law and law enforcement practice, allows you to competently, convincingly and successfully conduct the process in the trial.

   The key areas of judicial practice of the Bureau are:

✓ commercial dispute;

✓ corporate dispute;

✓ disputes related to debt collection;

✓ contract disputes;

✓ disputes related to private international law;

✓ disputes in the field of construction;

✓ disputes on real estate transactions;

✓ property rights disputes;

✓ lease disputes;

✓ migration cases;

✓ family dispute;

✓ hereditary disputes;

✓ disputes in the field of insurance;

✓ housing dispute;

✓ tax dispute;

✓ intellectual property rights protection disputes;

✓ administrative offence;

✓ bankruptcy procedure;

    and other types of disputes*.

* The list below lists the most popular categories of disputes, but the practice of our Bureau is much wider.If your situation is different from the above, please contact us for more information about the services provided and we will try to offer the most effective solution specifically to Your question.

    As a rule, the procedure for the provision of services for the representation and protection of the rights and interests of our clients is as follows:

   The first consultation, where the principal explains the essence of the case and the claim, asks questions, provides the available documents, and the lawyer offers a brief assessment of the facts and legal prospects of the case;
   Analysis of the submitted documents, if necessary — request additional data from public authorities and registers, individuals;
   Development of business strategy and tactics to protect the rights and interests of the principal;
Contact with the other party to the conflict situation, negotiating to achieve a pre-trial settlement of the dispute, when such a resolution of the dispute is beneficial to the principal;
   Preparation of a statement of claim, objection or counterclaim, preparation of evidence for submission to the court;
   Participation of a lawyer in the trial: obtaining judicial acts and decisions, submission of petitions and other procedural documents, protection of the interests of the principal in court sessions;
   In case of unavailability, appeal against the court decision in higher instances;
   Support of enforcement proceedings.
   We understand that every legal situation is exceptional, so we provide an individual and high-quality approach to each case, on the basis of full confidentiality and trust.

   We also understand that achieving the best result for our client is the key to our success.

   Importantly, our lawyers provide services in Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish and English, so you can entrust your question directly to a specialist, without the need to involve translators or intermediaries.