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   It’s no secret that building a business from scratch is no easy task. And starting your own business in a foreign country is perhaps even more difficult. Proper planning and presenting a general picture of the development of a business project in accordance with the laws of the country will help to significantly reduce risks.

   What is the legal form to choose for a new company? Is it profitable to be an individual entrepreneur in Spain? What are the pros and cons of buying a ready business? Are there any pitfalls when concluding strategic partnerships (Joint ventures) or when purchasing a Franchise?

   Each operating business, like a living organism, at any stage of its development, there are tasks that require an early and effective solution.

   The lawyers of our office provide qualified legal assistance on the basis of an integrated approach to resolving legal situations, offering optimal solutions that meet the needs of our clients' business.

   Our team provides full legal support for business at all stages of its development: from legal assessment of business prospects to a competent liquidation of a company.

   We strive to promote out-of-court settlement of disputes, but are always ready to defend the interests of our principals at all stages of the judicial process in the judicial bodies of Spain.


   The main activities of our bureau:

✓ Legal support for the creation and registration of a legal entity in Spain; advice on the creation and activities of non-profit organizations;

✓ Corporate practice, corporate conflicts;

✓ Planning and optimization of tax liabilities of legal entities;

✓ Accounting and personnel services for companies and individual entrepreneurs;

✓ Legal support of current business activities of companies;

✓ Negotiating, drafting and legal examination of contracts of any complexity in accordance with the laws of Spain and international law. Disputes over contracts. Debt collection;

✓ Verification of legal purity of the transaction (due diligence);

✓ Legal support for the reorganization of enterprises: mergers and acquisitions (M & A);

✓ Comprehensive legal support of investment projects;

✓ Real estate transactions and construction, real estate management;

✓ Legal advice on the registration and protection of intellectual property of legal entities;

✓ Legal support of bankruptcy proceedings of organizations, joint and several liability of the director;

✓ Compliance, compliance with laws, standards and regulations for the prevention of crime. Criminal liability of legal entities in Spain (Compliance);

   The following list lists the most popular categories of legal situations and disputes that may arise in the course of business, but the practice of our bureau is much wider. If your situation is different from the above, please contact our specialists for more complete information about the services provided.

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